Baker Mayfield Talks Buccaneers Free Agency, Mike Evans and More


Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield, (yes, technically he’s still on the roster) has been very active doing interviews in Las Vegas during the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Friday, Mayfield joined Dan Patrick on “The Dan Patrick Show” to talk about the 2023 season in Tampa and his future. Obviously the topics came up about Mayfield coming back, the contract negotiations, re-signing Mike Evans and what that will take.

“I hope so. If I’m back, hope so.” Mayfield continued. “I think there would be some sacrifice along the way,” Mayfield responded. “There’s mutual benefit for us to come back together.”

Mayfield mentioning “sacrifice” here could be taken several ways. He could be eluding to himself taking less, Evans taking less, or both doing so. You have to appreciate Mayfield’s honesty here. The reality is both players will have to make some sort of “sacrifice” for both of them to return.

“For me, evaluating it the same way I did going into free agency last year,” he said. “Look at the organizations. Who does it the right way? Who’s going to put me in the best position to win?

Mayfield has been quite forthright talking about his desire to return to Tampa. And his desire to have pending free agent Mike Evans return as well.

“Obviously, Tampa’s got … the upper hand because I’ve seen it firsthand, so for me, just evaluating that. Understanding where I’m headed in life right now. … I want to win, and that’s really important to me to be able to have a chance to win Super Bowls. …”

Mayfield continued via

“I understand where Mike is in his career,” Mayfield said. “… He’s a huge target. The guy has done it so consistently, 10 years in a row with 1,000 (receiving) yards. Very few people can ever say that. The guy is unreal. Everyone wanted to put an age on it and say that he’s not going to be good anymore, and I think he took it personally.”


The clock is ticking for the Buccaneers with both Evans and Mayfield’s contracts void February 19th. Because of this, if Jason Licht and company can get deals done for both players, the team will save substantially on next year’s salary cap. To quote Licht’s favorite band Metallica, “time marches on

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