In Licht I Trust, And So Should You

I hear and read so much angst among Buccaneers’ fans about the big four impending free agents Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Antoine Winfield Jr, and Lavonte David.
I could understand this if the current GM and owners were not who they are. But the Glazers are not afraid to spend money and Jason Licht has put together a great roster.
When was the last really good player the Bucs lost to free agency?  While re-signing Mike Evans may seem what the fans would love (myself included) I also want to see another Lombardi trophy and boat parade.
I contend that the Buccaneers, with Baker at QB can compete for the NFC Championship this season but ONLY if they can fix some serious issues along the interior O-Line, OLB and safety.
Will re-signing Evans prevent them from doing this? That depends on how much he wants.  Very few teams can afford the luxury of two high priced WRs without it affecting other areas of the team.
The other point is look who the Bucs HC is. Does Todd Bowles favor a run and gun type of team or would he prefer to have a dominant running game? When Baker was at his best, in Cleveland, he had a dominant running game.  Keeping him healthy has to be priority number one.
The bottom line is I have complete faith in Licht and company to field a competitive team this season.  So, IF that means Evans walks, we should give him the benefit of the doubt that Licht will use the money not spent on Evans to sign two or three other key pieces.
In Licht I trust!

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Of all the NFL teams that I could follow, why did I choose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? It was 1979, I was an impressionable 12-year-old living in Canada. At that time, getting any NFL coverage was tough enough but that was reserved for the elite teams like the Cowboys, Steelers etc. I watched one game at 1 PM and one game at 4 PM. That was it. No Redzone, no night games on Sunday Each Christmas my family would drive from Montreal to visit my aunt in Jacksonville. I remember seeing the Bucs playing on TV against the Falcons when I was there. I saw something that day that changed my fandom forever. There was a QB wearing number 12, in an orange jersey and he wasn’t white! As a minority myself, seeing a non-white QB was something that immediately I was drawn to. I knew that this was the team, and this was the guy who I would follow. The years between 1979 and 1997 were obviously difficult but my fandom never wavered. If anything, it made me stronger as a person. I’ve often joked that I’ve had 3 wives but only ONE football team. I was asked if I wanted to write the occasional article for Bucs Report. Talking and writing about the Bucs is a full-time hobby so of course my answer was YES. I’m 56, retired and living in Costa Rica now. I sport 4 Buc tattoos and have been fortunate to make many visits to Tampa to watch the Bucs. I’ve made countless friends and even more memories. I look forward to chatting and interacting with the many Buccaneer fans throughout the world. Go Bucs Greg D’Cruz