The Buccaneers Need to Bring Jordan Whitehead Back


So, if you use Twitter, you may have noticed that Jordan Whitehead was flirting with the Buccaneers. Now, he actually responded to me and said he just wanted to show blitzing highlights. I guess the Jets got a blitzing safety and decided not to blitz him. Great job Saleh. Needless to say, the Bucs do have a need for him as they only really have Antoine Winfield Jr. as safety.

It should help the Bucs get a good deal considering the Safety market is absolute insanity. Justin Simmons, Jordan Poyer, Quandre Diggs, Kevin Byard, and so many more. Now, technically speaking, those other safeties are better than Whitehead. Here’s the thing though, I think those guys will likely get paid. Simmons especially considering he was a pro-bowler.

Why then would I want someone who is inferior to some of the other guys on the market? Well, it’s not just homerism. There are two reasons. One, the Bucs can’t afford to spend top dollar on safety considering the they have to focus on other key guys like Tristan Wirfs. Like I said, even with this glut of safeties, someone will spend money on Justin Simmons or Diggs. They are older yes, but someone like the Kansas City Chiefs or 49ers can make a push for them for another Super Bowl run.

The other thing is style of play. Outside of Jamal Adams, there really isn’t that kind of hard hitting safety on the market. At least, not one I think is better than Whitehead. He is a guy that is great while blitzing and getting tackles for loss. I know Winfield Jr led the league in forced fumbles, but Whitehead is a strong safety for a reason. He makes the opponents pay for trying to get passed him. His highlights on Twitter suggest that he wanted to get back to that form on a team. Well, if there is one thing that Todd Bowles loves, its a blitzing safety.

While Whitehead isn’t considered in the upper echelons of safeties, he would still be really good for the Buccaneers. they have a need at strong safety, he’s still young at 26, and he knows the scheme. Plus, I can’t imagine he would break the bank in terms of signing him. Whitehead played some of his best ball in Tampa and while he wasn’t bad on the Jets, it seems clear that he wants to go to a team that will utilize his strengths more effectively. That team is Tampa.


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