Buccaneers Sign Former Jets Defensive Back


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to swipe pieces from the Jets secondary by signing cornerback Bryce Hall to a one-year deal. As reported by Fox Sports’ Greg Auman.

With the departure of Carlton Davis and the injury-prone Jamel Dean, it seems like a good idea to shore up that secondary a little bit. Hall is a fairly talented player, especially for a fifth round pick, but the players above him were leagues better in Gardner and DJ Reed. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Hall picked up from those two very talented corners.

Despite being a back-up, he did have some fairly solid stats. In nine games, he had one interception (which is half a season’s production for Carlton Davis), one fumble recovery for a TD, and 2 passes defended. Again, those are not amazing stats, but he only played nine games. He did play a full season in 2021 and while he didn’t get an interception he had 16 passes defended and half a sack. But with those no interceptions, it makes perfect sense why he would fit in here.

Hall has shown to be a perfectly capable starter. I don’t think he is better than Davis (I don’t think anyone does), but at the bare minimum, he has at least proven he can play a full season. That is something Davis has never been able to say. I quite like this move, but it is obviously a band-aid. The Buccaneers will still likely draft a CB high in the draft so as to get a more permanent Davis replacement. Licht so far has been making some great moves, on paper at least. We will see what happens, but this secondary is shaping up to be a lot better than last year.

Terms of the deal were not available at time of posting.

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