2024 NFL Draft Profile: Graham Barton, IOL, Duke


The 2024 NFL offseason is here and that means it’s time for mock drafts, draft profiles and everything that goes with them. So without further ado, here’s one of many Draft Profiles for the 2024 NFL draft.

Graham Barton, IOL, Duke

HT: 6’5
WT: 313 lbs


Second-team All-American (2023)

2× first-team All-ACC (2022, 2023)



Embodies explosive power from the snap, leveraging bursts into formidable blocking force.

Excels in space blocking, showcasing range, tenacity, and a relentless drive to finish.

Brings a robust and proportional frame, efficiently distributing mass to optimize blocking leverage.

Flexibility and adaptability allow him to sustain leverage and adjust mid-rep, crucial for maintaining control.

Deploys a wide base and controlled hand placement to envelop and anchor against rushers effectively.

His football IQ and versatility shine, processing in-game dynamics seamlessly across multiple line positions.

His background at center and athleticism make him a fit for zone schemes, offering rare mobility for his size.

Exhibits the ‘scrapper’ mentality, tenaciously fighting for real estate and maintaining block control.


Arm length near the average could prompt a shift from tackle to an interior position at the professional level.

At times, exposes his frame to power moves due to hand placement and stance nuances.

Vulnerable to sophisticated rush techniques, occasionally misjudging strike timing and positioning.

While his tenacity is a strength, it can lead to technique oversights, particularly in pass protection scenarios.

Needs to fine-tune his blocking consistency, ensuring optimal use of his physical attributes against NFL-caliber opponents.


His ability to play across the line is an asset, offering teams flexibility in offensive line configuration. The critical factor for Barton will be his capacity to assimilate NFL-level coaching, particularly in honing his technique to mitigate the challenges posed by his arm length and in optimizing his athletic capabilities. If he can evolve these aspects of his game, Barton’s potential as an impactful, versatile NFL lineman is significant. His evolution from a three-star recruit to a notable NFL prospect is indicative of his growth trajectory and potential, hinting that, with the appropriate developmental support, he could solidify his place as a dependable, versatile lineman in the NFL.


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