Buccaneers Look to Address Needs in Draft and Offseason


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have wrapped up an NFL season that far exceeded expectations, largely thanks to the acquisition and performance of quarterback Baker Mayfield. 

Mayfield, the former No. 1 overall pick with the Cleveland Browns, found a new home with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2023 and quickly silenced any doubters by leading the team to an unexpectedly successful season. 

Mayfield’s leadership and gritty performances week after week were pivotal in securing crucial victories. His ability to connect with the receiving corps, especially under high pressure, provided the Buccaneers with a much-needed spark on offense. Mayfield’s role in this success story cannot be understated, as his experience and determination played a crucial role in the team’s overachievement.

Addressing Needs in the Draft

Despite securing Mike Evans for an additional two years, speculation continues about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting a wide receiver in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft. ESPN’s Mel Kiper has mocked Texas’ Xavier Worthy to the Buccaneers, a decision that raises eyebrows given the team’s existing strength in the receiver position. 

Worthy, who recently set a combine record with a 4.21 40-yard dash, offers an intriguing blend of speed and playmaking ability that could add a new dimension to Tampa Bay’s offense.

UCLA’s Laiatu Latu also emerges as a notable prospect for the Buccaneers, given his reputation as one of the most polished pass rushers entering the league. His exceptional hand techniques, flexibility, and quickness make him a formidable force on the edge. Drafting Latu would not only strengthen Tampa Bay’s defensive line but also provide them with a player capable of delivering double-digit sacks annually.

Florida State’s Jared Verse is another prospect who could significantly impact the Buccaneers’ defense. Being projected to possibly fall to the Buccaneers at Pick 26, Verse’s talent as an edge rusher is undeniable. His potential immediate contribution as a starter highlights the depth of talent available in this draft, making him an enticing option for Tampa Bay’s pass rush.

Yaya Diaby’s Rookie Season: Emerging as Top Edge Defender

Former Louisville star Edge Yaya Diaby, selected in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft with the No. 82 pick by the Buccaneers, made an immediate impact in his rookie year. Amassing 7.5 sacks and establishing himself as a consistent threat to opposing quarterbacks, Diaby’s performance exceeded expectations. 

Following the departure of veteran Shaq Barrett, Diaby is set to assume the role of Tampa Bay’s premier edge defender, a position he seems well-prepared to excel in.ESPN BET Kentucky is sure to have great promos this season for anyone looking to add some stakes to the NFL season. 

Cam Akers: A Potential Addition in Free Agency

Cam Akers stands out as a potential acquisition for the Buccaneers through free agency. Despite his career being marred by injuries, Akers’ previous season with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Liam Cohen at Los Angeles showcased his capabilities. Bringing in Akers could provide Tampa Bay with a dynamic and versatile running back, complementing Rachaad White and enhancing the team’s ground game.

With the NFL Draft and free agency on the horizon, the Buccaneers have several avenues to address their needs and further strengthen their roster. By focusing on key areas such as the defensive line and running back position, as well as considering high-potential draft prospects, the Buccaneers are well-positioned to build on their recent achievements and aim for even greater success in the upcoming season.

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