Free Agent Bargains For The Buccaneers


I love shopping for deals. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers practically lived in the clearance bin last year, so it was nice that this time we were able to shop at Publix.

However, the Bucs will need to start clipping some more coupons out. Spotrac has them at about $9.4 million. Not a whole lot left to play with. However, the good news is that the free agents left won’t command a whole lot of money. Except for maybe Justin Simmons or Xavien Howard, they’re kinda the exception. While the Bucs have made great moves, I think they need a few more pieces (plus a good draft) to be competing for a ring.

Wide receiver depth is still a thing that concerns me. While it didn’t crop up last year like I thought it would, that to me was arguably more luck than anything else. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin just weren’t hurt that much. But to bank on that again would be foolish.

Therefore, I would like a veteran guy. There are a lot of intriguing options. Hunter Renfrow would be interesting. He had a couple down seasons, but that may have been more misusing him than anything else. However, we already have a pretty good slot receiver, so I would look somewhere else.

One of the more accomplished guys is Josh Reynolds. Last year, he had 608 yards and 5 touchdowns while playing every regular season and post season game. But not only that, he had gotten better every year with the Lions in terms of yards and touchdowns. He is also a fantastic blocking WR and still relatively young at 29. I am a little shocked he hasn’t gone anywhere yet, but maybe he’s asking for too much or teams aren’t as impressed. But he is a solid player, and would benefit the Bucs. This one would be more funny, but if the Bucs truly want to get the 2020 gang back together, Scotty Miller is a free agent. Just saying.

I think the other area that the Bucs can still improve upon in free agency is interior o-line. yes, they have signed some guys, but neither seem to be starting level. However, Dalton Risner is arguably an upgrade over Matt Feiler at guard. I talked about him before actually as a guy the Bucs can target as a relatively cheap upgrade. And yes, he probably would start. This isn’t like Sua Opeta who will probably be a back-up. Risner has played nearly every game in his career and has done it well. He isn’t all-pro level exactly. But he is consistent.

I don’t think the Buccaneers have too many moves left in them. They do still need enough cap to sign their rookies after all. However, I think there will be at least one more signing. Whether it be one of these two I don’t know. But whatever it is, I am confident it can be pretty good.

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