Buccaneers Sign OLB Randy Gregory


Whoa, I got to write two articles about the Buccaneers in two days. We gotta slow down here.

Not exactly the biggest breaking news after Stefon Diggs got run out of Buffalo, but still, a move nevertheless. Former Cowboy, Bronco, and 49er Randy Gregory will be adding Tampa to his list of stops. It’ll be a one year deal that is most likely for the veteran minimum. Not exactly big starting money, but he isn’t exactly a big starter anymore.

Gregory was at one point in time a big name. It’s why the Broncos paid so much for him at first. But he has been injury plagued and has never really come back to form since signing in Denver. However, he will be getting a fresh start and is back with coach George Edwards from Dallas.

The big thing here is if Gregory will start. I have a hard time believing that, but I suppose it is possible. He will be competing with Anthony Nelson and JTS, so I think he could beat them out. But if the Bucs were to sign a rookie with a top pick, I have a feeling they will likely supplant Gregory, if not start over him to start the season. This is a move to get a vet guy considering most our starters are really young and still need a little more time to develop.

I like this move quite a bit. It is not flashy at all and does not solve the edge rusher problem the Bucs have. But Gregory has proven to be good, and has shown some flashes of that form with his time away from the Cowboys. The big thing is if he can be consistent and stay on the field.


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