Two Trade Up Scenarios For The Buccaneers in the Draft


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a good place as they head into the NFL draft. Their roster is both talented and has depth at most positions. This means they have a lot of flexibility come draft day. They won’t be pigeonholed into taking one specific need because there isn’t really a glaring need. 

Jason Licht and the Bucs can do just about anything they’d like. They could stay where they are and take the best player on the board with the 26th pick, regardless of position. They could also choose to move back and gain future assets, because they don’t have to force a pick if they don’t love the value.

The third option, of course, is to trade up and go get a player that would otherwise be out of range. This would give them more of an impact player who can step in as a rookie and be a key part to what the Bucs want to do. This is both the least likely and the most interesting option.

However, as they say, it takes two to tango. While the Buccaneers may want to move up to go get their guy, that would require another team moving back and taking what is expected to be a lesser player. Considering all trade up options were worse than the Bucs last year, what team would want to pass up on higher talent?

Here are two trades that make a lot of sense for both parties if the Bucs want to move up.

Buccaneers Trade 26 and 57 to Seattle for 16 and 179

This would be a steep price to pay for the Bucs. It would be a move they make for a potential star player such as Troy Fantanu or a top tier pass rusher like Jared Verse. These are the types of players who can put the Bucs over the top in the NFC South.

And while trading away a second round pick would be less than ideal, the fact that they have two third round picks might help ease that pain. It also shouldn’t be overlooked that the Bucs would be getting the third pick in the sixth round, which could make up for the team not having a fifth round pick.

From a Seattle perspective, the Seahawks don’t currently have a second round pick. This might not be the biggest deal for a team that barely missed the playoffs. In normal circumstances, it might make more sense to draft an impact player with the 16th overall pick.

However, the Seahawks have a new coaching staff coming in this year. It’s unclear exactly what their plan will be, but it isn’t crazy to think that new head coach Mike Macdonald will want to reshape the roster in his image. Gaining an additional second round pick can help them do that.

Buccaneers Trade 26 and 92 to Miami for 21 and 158

If the Bucs want to take a cheaper option and moving up, then this five slot jump to pick 21 might be the trick. This is the type of move to make. If one of the big three pass rushers are still on the board or if you want to move up for one of the best interior offensive lineman in the draft, such as Jackson Powers-Johnson or Graham Barton. It ensures you get an impact player if they are starting to fly off the board.

The price of moving up is still significant for the Buccaneers. Realistically, they could get a starter with this third round pick, but not anyone as impactful as they could get at 21. However, with two third round picks on this draft, it might be a move that Licht is willing to make. Especially when getting a fifth round pick back and return.

The Dolphins currently don’t have a third or a fourth round pick in this year’s draft. They are a prime candidate to trade down. This is good news for the Bucs, considering the two teams have similar needs in terms of pass, rusher and offensive line.

Miami saw a lot of free agents walk out the door in the off-season. I wouldn’t go as far to call them a rebuilding team, but they certainly need to re-tool their defense. Trading down, allows them to do that even if it means sacrificing the better player to the Bucs, who have the same needs.

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