Are the Buccaneers Looking to Upgrade the RB Position?


Every Buccaneers fan who is an FSU fan pounding the table for Trey Benson.

There has been a little bit of talk about upgrading the RB Position. And I want to make it clear, this is not a Rachaad White is bad post. I rather liked White, especially in the second half of the season when he was used more on the outside and as a receiver. But the guys behind him did not play well. I was really excited for Sean Tucker and I was very disappointed. So, there’s a good chance the Bucs may use a day 2 pick on a RB just so there’s guys behind him.

With a guy like Baker Mayfield, you need a complete team around him to function the best. The Bucs run game last season was still really, really bad. They were 23rd in rushing attempts and 25th in total rushing yards. Both of which are really bad when you were trying to build a team based upon the rushing attack. If they can get that number to middle of the pack, I think this offense will be a lot better.

The question of course is who they want. I imagine they want a guy that is more of a tough runner than White is. A little thunder and lightning if you will. They hosted Jonathon Brooks, arguably the best RB entering the draft, and a guy who would definitely make the Bucs better. However, I find it hard to believe that he would be there for the Bucs in the 2nd or third. They’ve also had some local workout in Jalen Bussey. Although I don’t think he really helps the Bucs as I see him as similar to White.

While having a better interior o-line will help the Bucs run better, but having two talented backs will be even better. The Bucs lacked both last season, so that didn’t help them. Jason Licht has had a spotty history drafting RBs, but it is still a need to get this offense to the next level.

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