Dream Draft Scenario For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers


At this point in the NFL draft process, Buccaneers fans are all just about ready for the main event to get here. We have all seen about a million mock drafts and have a good idea who has been linked to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as every other franchise. 

Names like Graham Barton, Mike Sainristil, Ray Davis and Dominick Puni have been consistent picks for the Bucs in many mock drafts we have seen. All make perfect sense and would be outstanding actions in their own right. I am fully on board with any of those names at different points of the draft.

However, if I was mapping out my best case scenario, those players wouldn’t be my picks. If I am making my dream mock draft (while still being realistic with projections) I would go in a different direction. Here is my best case scenario Buccaneers mock draft

26) Jackson Powers-Johnson

There is the very real chance that both Powers-Johnson and Laiatu Latu will be on the board when the Bucs pick at 26. I don’t think that Latu will be available, but due to his injury history he could slide further than expected. If everything health wise checks out, then I’d go with Latu here.

Unfortunately, I’m just not informed enough (or smart enough) to speak on what his injury history will do to his draft stock. For that matter, if the Buccaneers would even feel comfortable drafting him. So for that reason, I passed on him here.

What I do know is that Powers-Johnson is an outstanding center prospect. He’s both big and powerful as well as agile in space. He will be a plug and play starter and I believe he will be one of the four or five best centers in the game three years from now. He is a force to be reckoned with in both pass protection and in the running game.

57) Braden Fiske

At this point, Fiske is projected to be an early to middle second round pick. So if he were to slide a little to pick 57, then that would be ideal for Bucs fans. Even if the team had to move up a little to get him, this would be a grand slam pick.

Fiske is a versatile defensive lineman who can play inside and outside. He’s an incredibly explosive pass rusher who is very polished with his hand usage. In terms of high upside pass rushers, he’s pretty much as good as it gets in this class.

I had a very hard time between Fiske and Sainristil. The Michigan defensive back is an incredibly high IQ ball hawk and would slide right in as a high impact starting nickel. However, with pass rush being the bigger need I opted for Fiske here.

89) Christian Mahogany

This guy put the hog in Mahogany, am I right? They don’t make guards as powerful and physical as this one any more. He could slot in next to Tristian Wirfs on the left side and really add some mean to their trenches.

Even with adding Powers-Johnson in the first round, I believe the Bucs should double up on the interior offensive line here and redefine their front. The development of the running game is critical for this Buccaneers offense. Mahogany can do that with his power and his ability to pull and find work in space.

92) Jalen McMillan

The long term future of the Bucs receiving room is unclear. With Mike Evans in his early 30’s on a two year deal and Chris Godwin going into the final year of his deal, there needs to be a transition plan to the future. The Buccaneers need a pass catcher who can help them this year and potentially be a focal point down the line.

I think McMillan is exactly that type of player. He projects as a slot receiver, which is the role Cooper Kupp and more recently Puka Nacua plays in this McVay style offense. So we know that this type of player can be the heart of the offense, it’s just a question as to if McMillan has the talent to do it or not.

I believe that he has more than enough talent to thrive in this Bucs offense. He has the quickness, speed and toughness to thrive in this role. He might be the third Washington wide receiver to be drafted this year, but he can be as productive as anyone in the right situation and I believe that Tampa can offer that.

125) MarShawn Lloyd

The Buccaneers need a north and south runner who can pick up the tough yards. Someone with a squatty build, but ideally can also be explosive and break a big run when giving Rachaad White a break. Lloyd is that to a tee.

At 5’8 and 220 lbs, Lloyd has a bowling ball build that is hard to bring down. However, he also ran a 4.45 40 yard dash (which you absolutely see on the field). A beautiful blend of speed and toughness up the middle.

220) Michael Barrett

Barrett is one of the most underrated linebackers in the draft. He has a background of playing safety and a lot of experience on special teams which always helps a depth linebacker. I love him as a smart, quick coverage linebacker who would be a great complement to what they have in KJ Britt.

246) Kimani Vidal

One of my favorite lower tier running backs in the draft. He might not have the flashy physical tools, but he has burst, toughness, vision and a well rounded skill set to be an excellent depth running back. I love the idea of him as a backup and potential future replacement for Chase Edmonds.

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