Three Perfect Draft Fits For The Buccaneers Offense


The NFL draft is about a week away. At this point, we have talked about who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might draft and who they should draft. We all have our favorite names highlighted and have mocked those guys to the Bucs a dozen (or more) different times.

However, regardless of who we prefer, there are some names that undoubted suit the Bucs more than others. Some that match up perfectly with what the Buccaneers need for what they want to do on offense and on defense. These are ideal scheme fits for the Bucs.

Specifically on offense, there are three names worth highlighting. Players whose strengths are the rosters weaknesses and Jason Licht is looking to change that. He are my three perfect scheme fits for the Bucs offense.

Graham Barton

Barton is admittedly not my favorite center prospect in this class. However, I can’t deny what a good fit he would be with the Bucs. Everything about him screams being a Jason Licht type of prospect.

First of all, he is extremely athletic. The Buccaneers prioritize elite athletes with their top pick and Barton is nothing short of that. In terms of physical tools, he will be on par with anyone in the NFL.

Secondly, Barton absolutely fires out as a run blocker and has bad intentions. He wants to drive his opponents into the front row and that is something this Bucs running game desperately needs. Combine that with his athletic gifts and he can thrive in this department.

Finally, we are talking about a player who is highly intelligent. He has played multiple positions across the offensive line (fitting into Licht’s love of drafting offensive tackles to move inside) and understands the entire line’s thought process. He is exactly the type of player you trust to set things up and make calls at the line of scrimmage.

Ja’Lynn Polk

The Bucs new offensive coordinator, Liam Cohn, is from the Sean McVay coaching tree. It is in many ways the same offense the Los Angeles Rams have run over the years. The type of offense that has developed elite slot receivers such as Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua.

In Tampa, Polk can be the next guy to fill in for that roll. I have compared him to the likes of Detroit Lions All Pro slot receiver Amon-Ra St Brown. Players who can catch everything, run good routes and constantly chip away at a defense despite not having game breaking speed.

This is also a relatively good description of Cooper Kupp. A guy who can get 100+ receptions and keep the chains moving all day long. Polk is the same mold of player and should find similar success in the same type of role.

Theo Johnson

Right now the Bucs have Cade Otton as their starting tight end. He is a solid athlete who is a dependable, while not explosive weapon in the passing game. He also leaves something to be desired as a blocker.

The perfect complement to him would be an excellent blocking tight end with elite athletic ability who could turn into a great receiving threat down the line. Well, that’s exactly who Johnson is. He could come in right away and upgrade the tight end room and potentially take over as a starter down the line.

Johnson admittedly needs some work as a route runner and that’s part of why his production didn’t live up to his talent in college. However, this is also how we would have described George Kittle coming out of Iowa a few years back. I believe Johnson has the same type of potential and the same floor as an elite blocking tight end. 

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