Three Perfect Draft Fits For The Buccaneers Defense


The NFL draft is about a week away. At this point, we have talked about who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might draft and who they should draft. We all have our favorite names highlighted and have mocked those guys to the Bucs a dozen (or more) different times.

However, regardless of who we prefer, there are some names that undoubted suit the Bucs more than others. Some that match up perfectly with what the Buccaneers need for what they want to do on offense and on defense. These are ideal scheme fits for the Bucs.

Specifically on defense, there are three names worth highlighting. Players whose strengths are the rosters weaknesses and Jason Licht is looking to change that. He are my three perfect scheme fits for the Bucs defense.

Kris Jenkins

For any team who is looking for a plug and play defensive lineman, this is the one. Jenkins is the son of former NFL player Kris Jenkins and already has a professional mentality and approach to the game. We saw this as part of the Michigan Wolverines championship run.

Jenkins projects to be an elite run defender and a guy who fits best as a 5 tech who can move around the defensive line. He’s also an excellent athlete which we know Jason Licht will put a lot of stock into. Both talent and versatility line up here.

This would be an excellent compliment to what the Bucs have on their defensive line. Jenkins can help Vita Vea anchor down the run defense and make the front all but immovable. He’s also athletic and versatile enough to stunt all around and bring some pass rush games with Calijah Kancey. A perfect compliment for both.

Ruke Orhorhoro

Orhorhoro would fill into a similar role as Jenkins, but their skill sets are a little different. What they have in common is size (6’4 and 294 lbs), strong character, athletic ability, and the ability to move along the defensive line. All things the Bucs will highly covet.

What separates Orhorhoro is his pass rush ability. In terms of pass rush moves, there is just more to work with here. He might give up a little in run defense compared to Jenkins, but he makes up for it in his ability to get to the passer.

This lines up with what the Bucs have said they want all along. Improving the pass rush with the front four was talked about as a high priority by the front office and coaching staff. Orhorhoro is exactly the type of player who can do that.

Mikey Sainristil

On the best team in the country, who had the best defense in the country, Sainristil stood out above the rest. He might have been the best overall player on the Wolverines championship team. This is especially impressive considering he is a relative newcomer to the position after coming to Michigan as a wide receiver just a few years ago. 

Now Sainristil is one of the best cornerbacks in the draft. He is primarily a nickel defender, but also played some on the outside when asked to do so. This just so happens to be where the Bucs could be looking for some help.

Sainristil shows off his wide receiver skills in his play making, pulling down six interceptions last year. However, what is said to be his greatest strength is his intelligence and communication. Opponents have talked about how Sainristil was able to call out their plays before the snap and jump routes before receivers even made their break. 

This combination of smarts and playmaking screams Todd Bowles and would be an excellent addition to a Buccaneers team that is reshaping their back seven.

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