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Most Buccaneers fans remember the phrase “5-2”. It was said by Sam Wyche in 1995 and at the time, we believed that the franchise had finally turned the corner.
Unfortunately the team lost 7 of their next 9 games, Wyche was fired and Tony Dungy was brought in.
Buccaneers fans didn’t have much to be happy about during the 80’s and mid 90’s. Personally I always hoped that they could turn into a team like the Steelers. They had only 2 Head Coaches (Noll and Cowher)  before Tomlin came aboard. That is the epitome of stability.

Meanwhile the Bucs had coaches who, despite having high draft picks, never could produce a winner.
Having an owner like Hugh Culverhouse certainly didn’t help. You need a strong front office, including coaches and scouts who know how to develop young talent if you want to produce a consistent winner.
It started in 95 with a great draft (Sapp and Brooks) but they needed Tony Dungy and staff to develop that talent. They needed Hardy Nickerson to show them HOW to win.
When Gruden and Allen took over in 2002/2003 (McKay was still there in 2002) they used veterans instead of building through the draft to try and remain consistent after their 2002 Super Bowl.  Although they had a few good seasons, they could never be consistent and eventually he was fired. The Bucs then went through yet another long drought of futility.
All of that brings us to now. Jason Licht bringing in Bruce Arians was his best move as GM. Yes his drafts were good BUT a draft is only as good having a staff that can develop those picks.  Like Nickerson, the Bucs needed Brady to show them how to win.
Now they have a great system in place that ensures stability. An owner not afraid to spend money, a GM/ scouting staff that knows how to draft and Coaches who can develop young talent.
Rejoice fans! This is the best run in Bucs history.


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Of all the NFL teams that I could follow, why did I choose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? It was 1979, I was an impressionable 12-year-old living in Canada. At that time, getting any NFL coverage was tough enough but that was reserved for the elite teams like the Cowboys, Steelers etc. I watched one game at 1 PM and one game at 4 PM. That was it. No Redzone, no night games on Sunday Each Christmas my family would drive from Montreal to visit my aunt in Jacksonville. I remember seeing the Bucs playing on TV against the Falcons when I was there. I saw something that day that changed my fandom forever. There was a QB wearing number 12, in an orange jersey and he wasn’t white! As a minority myself, seeing a non-white QB was something that immediately I was drawn to. I knew that this was the team, and this was the guy who I would follow. The years between 1979 and 1997 were obviously difficult but my fandom never wavered. If anything, it made me stronger as a person. I’ve often joked that I’ve had 3 wives but only ONE football team. I was asked if I wanted to write the occasional article for Bucs Report. Talking and writing about the Bucs is a full-time hobby so of course my answer was YES. I’m 56, retired and living in Costa Rica now. I sport 4 Buc tattoos and have been fortunate to make many visits to Tampa to watch the Bucs. I’ve made countless friends and even more memories. I look forward to chatting and interacting with the many Buccaneer fans throughout the world. Go Bucs Greg D’Cruz


  1. This is pathetic. Licht and Bowles luck into a couple of seasons where a mediocre record is enough to win the NFC South and we’re supposed to feel grateful? Ridiculous.

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