The 49ers


The current state of the San Francisco 49ers, leave fans yearning for the days of old. The 80’s – the mid 90’s


The Niners are nothing but a hiccup, a mere whisper of what they used to be, in a a division where the Seahawks reign supreme. The Niners are no longer a factor in the NFC West.


As the Seahawks were on the way to their second  Super Bowl, Jim Harbaugh was on his way out the door and things became progressively worse for a team that has  such a legacy, behind it.


 Are people still believing that Colin Kapernick is as talented as Russell Wilson?



With the train wreck of events that has happened between 2014 and the present, if the Niners start the season 0-5, will there be a mass exodus to the Oakland Raiders fan base? Oakland Raiders actually seem to have a franchise worth following now. San Francisco’s rookie head coach will stand as no match for Pete Carroll’s Seahawks, who have improved this year, tremendously. With the possibility of the Raider Nation being moved to Los Angeles, this would open up the Bay Area’s television and media market to the Niners. Players cut, players retiring, coaches fired and the fans having enough, leave the 49ers with the makings of a team that will more than likely self-destruct.

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