Report: Former Buccaneers’ RB Fournette Was Racing When Vehicle Caught Fire


New information related to former Buccaneers’ running back Leonard Fournette’s recent traffic issue points to Fournette not exactly being forthright about the entire incident.

Fournette’s vehicle caught fire and burned to the ground while on a Hillsborough County highway I’m late June. Fournette shared the video of the incident with the following statement.

“Man it was one of those days today, but I would like thank God, my car caught on fire while I was driving, But I am still blessed.”

Now, TMZ Sports is reporting a witness in the police report stated Fournette was actually racing a motorcycle at the time when the fire started.

Via TMZ’s report,

“The witness, according to the report, then stated “he observed the vehicle and [a] motorcycle to be racing and changing lanes.” He stated he observed the vehicles “racing when fire then erupted from the bottom of” Fournette’s car.”

TMZ’s report continued,

“Fournette, however, told a much different story to cops… in the report, officers say the NFL star ‘stated he has been having problems with the vehicle as of late’ — before it erupted in flames on the 27th.”

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson tells TMZ Sports that there isn’t enough information to move forward with an investigation stating, “No further action is expected at this point.”

Decision making appears to be a lost art these days. Deciding to street race a motorcycle in an SUV isn’t exactly smart. Street racing in and of itself isn’t something we or anyone with common sense would suggest. Fournette unfortunately had to learn the hard way.

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