Buccaneer defense must Stop Mariota


Marcus Mariota and company will try to get the big plays early on. Our defense must hold tight agianst the passing ability of Mariota. He has several talented, big targets to throw to and we all know the capability of Harry Douglas at the wide receiver postion. As far as Marcus Mariota just taking off and running all the time I don’t believe that will be the case. Oh, he will run but, only when there is no receiver open and that could happen once every set of downs. But, I do not believe the Bucs will blitz the skilled runner every down. Do not be fooled by his rookie status. Marcus Mariota is going to be the real deal and he is the answer for the Titans. But, I do not allow that to discourage me. Our Defense will be putting the wood on Mariota, so he will think twice about pulling that ball down and running with it. This game Sunday will come down to defense. It will not be a blow out by any means on either side, But with a kicker who can, in my opinion, be accurate from over 60 yards. Kyle Brindza will be the one to put the nail in the coffin and bury the Tennessee Titans – with the final score being 24-21. Doug Martin should have 110 yards rushing and Two TD’s followed by a Jameis Winston rushing TD. I do not think Jameis throws a touch down in this one either.

“Let’s not sugar-coat anything, I don’t think anyone knows what to expect from either the bucs or the Titans this sunday. Mariota’s greatest gift is his ability to take off and run. For a rookie quarterback in his first game, if something isn’t there initially, dont be surprised if Mariota takes off a few times. When he does take off, Mariota will have to deal with two line backers that are as fast and athletic as he is, Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David.”- JUSTIN PAWLOWSKI, Bucs Blitz

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