Buccaneers vs Saints who has the edge?


It has been fairly even in the past when these two teams play each other. It could relatively go either way. The Bucs fan in me says ” GO BUCS!!” and we win by 3 scores. But the football fan in me knows what Drew Brees is capable of doing. It should be a good game and I cannot wait to see how Jameis Winston adjusts after week one’s butt kicking. I think the defense will step up and of course, allowing us to get the win but, it will not come easy. Drew Brees and company will fight us tooth and nail the whole way. It will be a hard win for us on the road, as it is most times,  at the super-dome but, I think we will win this one.

The New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play noon Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Super-dome. Here’s a look at who has the edge: Bucs vs Saints who has edge? – Report by NOLA.com