Gerald McCoy’s injury is nothing to be worried about


Gerald McCoy suffered a shoulder injury in the final quarter of the game Sunday. The defensive tackle was helped off the field while trainers were holding his right arm so it would not move. The medical team attended to McCoy on the sideline, examining his bicep. If you recall McCoy suffered season finishing bicep injuries in his first two NFL seasons. Gerald McCoy has started the season off pretty well, accumulating a sack in each of the two games this season and disrupting the offensive lines of the opponents. There should not be any significant loss of playing time as both McCoy and Lovie Smith has said he is fine. We definitely do not need to lose his abilities on our defensive line.

“Update: Lovie Smith told TJ Rives after the game that Gerald McCoy strained his shoulder, but don’t read too much into that: Smith isn’t very forthcoming about injuries.” -Reported by Sander Philipse of Bucs Nation

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