The NFL get some new toys.


Smaller, more powerful computers and sensors have taken electronics to the next level. None more apparent than in the Unmanned Flying Drone. The Military has used the UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle for decades. Now, in a huge market that is growing more rapidly, millions of people can have fun with drones at home, and for personal use. Within the next year, the company GoPro will release a new personal use drone that will be a mega star with adventures and daredevils alike. Lily Robotics, a company out of California, will introduce “Ultimate Selfie” drones which will be a bargaining chip for their new technology that allow drones to follow people and take videos and pictures. Can you only imagine how the Wright Brothers would react to such advances in technologies since they first flew their homemade plane at Kitty Hawk, in 1903?

Slowly but surely, these technological advances, make their way into the home and some even become an integral part of everyday life. Now, this fact even carries over to the NFL. As I am sitting here in the morning, drinking my second cup of coffee, and purview the daily headlines from around the globe. I stumble upon this one “Touchdown! The NFL gets approval to fly drones” And now more than ever we are taking leaps and bounds into the 21st century and our eyes on the 22nd. At this point, drones will be such a delicate part of our everyday life and entertainment that we should all work together to build ourselves a drone ecosystem in a self-sustainable way. The focus of this ecosystem should be common sense rules in recognition that drones are a very specific type of aircraft and will require tailor-made rules and regulations. Since drones have a unique strength in its ever evolving technology. This will weigh in not only as an NFL Game changing event, but the drones themselves will alter the world as we know it.

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