From Super Bowl to Super Slump. Are the Saints at the end of an Era?


It looks like the “Sean Payton Era” may be coming to a close. Reminiscent of the Mora years, Sean Payton’s Saints have been a dominant force in their respective division, even winning a Super Bowl. But this year has been an udder about-face and they look to have walked right off a cliff, as the team is falling at a high rate of speed. What will it take for the Saints not to hit the ground with an Earth shattering impact? Can the team even be salvaged at this point or could it be time for a change leadership wise, in the Coaching department? The Who Dat nation is now wondering: Where are Dey?

“At 1-4, the Saints’ season is on life support. The defense has absolutely no pass rush, and the overpaid secondary is underperforming. No team has given up more yards. The once-dominant offense only shows glimpses of its old self. With all-time franchise reception leader Marques Colston no longer performing at a high level, former undrafted Panthers practice squader Willie Snead is the team’s No. 1 receiver. The running game is among the worst in the league and hasn’t uncorked a single run longer than 17 yards.” -Gregg Rosenthal

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