The Buccaneers are making moves towards greatness.


The Buccaneers spoke of change and its coming. Demar Dotson and Akeem Spence are on the practice field, practicing with the team. Both are still recovering from injuries and will not be playing Sunday. But that’s not the only changes the Buccaneers made as they had made some moves to the practice squad restoring it to the ten man limit. Offensive tackle Martin Wallace returns to the team and the Buccaneers added two cornerbacks, Dax Swanson and Keon Lyn. With rumors  of Johnathan Banks returning and shifts being made  to the secondary. it seems this is a much need tune-up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Is this a sign that the Buccaneers are going to make a run for playoffs? With more than half of the season remaining, I do not see any reason why we cannot give it one heck of a try. Defense is already top 5, and the secondary is getting a much-needed tune-up, Jameis Winston is maturing at a rapid pace, the offensive line is blocking well, and our running backs are possibly the best pair in football, that to me sounds like a recipe for excellence.

“Each team in the NFL is allowed one “designated for return” option for a player placed on I.R., and the Bucs used theirs on their starting right tackle, who suffered a knee injury in the preseason opener in early August. Under that designation, Dotson was required to sit out at least eight weeks of the regular season, but he could begin practicing after six weeks. The Buccaneers will now have up to 21 days to either activate Dotson or place him back on injured reserve for the rest of the season.”- Report by Scott Smith

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Keon Lyn CB out of Syracuse