Lovie Smith on shaky ground?


With Time remaining on his contract, I wouldn’t bet the farm Lovie gets fired. He has made some moves towards improving the team. But at 2-4 and looking at another possible 2-14 season, Will his coaching career last much longer? I know the fans are sick  and tired of hearing how we had a pretty good practice. Only to lose that following Sunday.

“And so begins Lovie’s long farewell. This team, now 2-4, won’t ever get back to .500, at least under Lovie.They’re done. He’s done. The only variable is time.This was worse than the beatings by Atlanta and Baltimore last season, or this year’s opener against Tennessee, at least in the sense that it further underlined coaching shortcomings. This was a game-changer, a fate-sealer.” “No, Joe isn’t ready to chisel Lovie’s tombstone. But what, after 22 games, has Lovie done to inspire any hope or faith that he can turn things around?” – JoeBucsfan

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