There were some good things that happened yesterday.


After playing so well in the first half, only to be humiliated in the second half. There doesn’t seem anything good could have come from yesterday’s pathetic display by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first half went better than anyone could have expected. But it was all smoke and mirrors. Holding the Redskins to just 7 points  and scoring 24 points of our own, Tampa went into the locker room feeling on top of the world. That feeling going into the locker room at the half stayed in that locker room. The Second half of the game the Buccaneers were a no show and whoever that team was in the first half of the game, must have gone home at half-time.  Although, the game was humiliating at best there were some great things that did come from it.  Joe Kania explains what those great things were.

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