Buccaneers vs Falcons


No one seems to have faith in our Buccaneers anymore. But can you really blame them? Any confidence gained by the fans after wins in New Orleans and at home against the Jaguars washed away when the tides turned in Washington. But, the ship hasn’t sunk so no need to be on a lifeboat just yet. After last week’s disillusionment, I expect an enhancement in play calling and the ship to advertently, right itself. The Georgia Dome is an ideal place for a slipway. Not to give everyone hope only to be let down, but with Dirk Koetter as our offensive coordinator, I do not think it’s likely that he will head into his old home turf only to give a subpar effort. Bucs win 24-21!

“After a gut-wrenching collapse in the final seconds in Week 7, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are eager to put that loss behind them and get back in the win column. Unfortunately, they’ll face the tall task of heading out on the road to face the 6-1 Atlanta Falcons, who destroyed the Bucs 56-14 at the Georgia Dome last year.” – reported by Luke Easterling

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