Buccaneers trade options:


Doug Martin trade rumor had been deemed unlikely. What other trade possibilities are out there? Who is on the trade block? We do need players on secondary and maybe a tight end. Could Mike Glennon and an injured Vincent Jackson, become key players in obtaining some secondary?

“NFL trade deadline is coming up tomorrow, and that means the NFL is awash with trade rumors. Not that many of them are going to actually come true: mostly, teams are floating names out there to see if someone’s willing to pay a hefty price to salvage their seasons. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a tradition of making some minor and not-so-minor deals at the deadline. Last year, they traded Mark Barron to the St. Louis Rams and Jonathan Casillas to the New England Patriots. In 2012, they moved Aqib Talib to the Patriots. In 2010, they traded for Alex Magee. They haven’t exactly added a ton of talent to their team at the trade deadline, but they haven’t exactly sit still.” – Reported by Sander Philipse

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