Kyle Long: Bears making playoff run


Sitting at 3-5, Kyle Long confidently boasts his belief that the Bears will be making a run for the playoffs. This ideal most likely resides with the team and few fans. No one truly expects them to reach the playoffs.

“Bears tackle Kyle Long knows the Bears are 3-5 again this season, but perhaps they’re a better 3-5 than they were a year ago. Why else would he talk so confidently about the playoffs?” “We’re going to make a run at the playoffs,” Long told “And if anybody doesn’t think that, then get the (expletive) outta here.” “There’s a few ways to look at this, but let’s take the obvious first: Long could be seeing what we’re all seeing from the outside looking in. John Fox has the arrow pointing up. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase has gotten through to Jay Cutler — to an extent — and the defense is the best it’s been since the Lovie Smith era.” – Reported by Conor Orr

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