5-5 Colts face a red hot 5-5 Buccaneers


No one expected anything out of the Buccaneers this season. And no one expected the number one draft pick to amount to anything other than a bust. But all that has changed now. Now,  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are mentioned in the playoff race and have a very good chance of making the wild card. 

“When the NFL schedule was first announced earlier this year, the November 29 game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was circled for no other reason than being a matchup of two former first overall picks at quarterback. As for the game itself? Nobody paid much attention to it. After all, Tampa Bay had only won more than four games in a season twice in the last seven seasons and not since 2012. Now, with that game only a few days away, however, it’s looking like a compelling matchup between two teams fighting for a playoff spot.” – Reported by Josh Wilson

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