Starting slow is killing the Buccaneers


They have to start fast and finish strong. The secret to that is limiting penalties and dropped passes. Once these issues are corrected, then the defense will have to do its part. But, the defense has rarely done its part, this year. But, at 6-8, I won’t complain. The Bucs are much better than last year and right on schedule with, what I expected this year.

With some additions to next year’s team and a complete re-write of the defense, then maybe I will expect more from the Bucs. Maybe even a run at the division title. Maybe even a Super Bowl. But for now, I’ll just have to sit back and wait another year, like always, for the Buccaneers to figure it out and become the contenders they are meant to be.

“One common trait of the Bucs’ two losses in five days was a slow start on both sides of the ball, leading to a 14-0 deficit against the Saints on Sunday and a 21-3 margin to the Rams on Thursday. The first quarter has been the Bucs’ worst this season. Tampa Bay is averaging just 3.4 points in the first. It is averaging more than twice that in the second quarter. And the sooner the Bucs fall behind, the sooner they get away from what they do best: run behind NFL rushing leader Doug Martin.” – Report by Greg Auman

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