Tampa’s offensive line transformation


There is no question that Buccaneers have improved on the offensive line. The line has been playing great, and I hope it continues.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line has seen a remarkable resurgence. Last year, the unit was arguably the worst line in the NFL. With Anthony Collins at left tackle and a rotating group of incompetent starters at right guard, the Bucs couldn’t block a soul either in the running or passing game. The result: 52 sacks given up and just 3.9 yards per carry, good for 30th and 24th in the NFL respectively. The Bucs have been much better this season: they’ve given up just 24 sacks, ranked sixth in the NFL, and have been running for 4.9 yards per carry, second in the NFL.” -Reported by Sander Philipse

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