Buccaneers need to start winning in the late season.


Tampa has had difficulty winning in the late season. When you take a look back at the last seven seasons, you can see a similar pattern emerging, among the last three coaches. They have all had issues winning more than five games through the last two months of the season. During that time, Gruden only managed four wins his last season as head coach, and Raheem only managed eight wins after October, in his three seasons as head coach. The infamous Greg Schiano won eight games during that time, in his two seasons, but Lovie has only managed five. This has to change and change now.

“It’s not how you start, but how you finish. In the case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, no statement could be more true. A four-game losing streak, with a schedule set up for success, the Buccaneers tanked in their bid to become relevant again and make the playoffs. Big time. Coaches will tell you that playing your best football in the months of November and December are crucial for success. Lovie Smith is on record saying the football season starts in November. So far under Smith the Bucs are just 5-13 over the last two months of the season with four of those victories coming this season.”– Reported by Mark Cook

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