Now that Lovie Smith has been fired, who will be the next HC?


Who, would want to risk working for the Glazers when they have fired three coaches, within the last five seasons?  It seems that Tampa has been put on the radar as the Team to commit career suicide with. So, will Tampa promote Dirk Koetter as HC?  Would Dirk Koetter risk such a  maneuver?

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are starting on their third head coaching search in five years, having just fired Lovie Smith. It’s still early and there have been just a few hours since Smith was fired, so we don’t have a good view of what the Bucs are looking for right now. The only name to have been mentioned so far is Dirk Koetter’s, but the Bucs will need to interview at least one minority candidate to adhere to the Rooney Rule. So let’s take a quick look at most of the head coaching candidates and what their qualifications are.” – Sander Philipse

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