Fans chant ‘We Want Weeden” during Texans blowout


Hoyer played worse than any other QB that I can recall, in a playoff game. And sadly, the fans agreed, as they chanted ‘We want Weeden’. Texans lose to the Chiefs 30-0, and this was the first time the Chiefs had won a playoff game since Joe Montana was their QB, this also happened to be a win in Houston.

“Somehow, against all odds, Brian Hoyer’s day continues to get worse. He had four first-half turnovers and you would’ve been convinced that he couldn’t top that sort of ineptitude even if you later found out he was left-handed. Turns out, Hoyer was just getting warmed up. With theTexans trailing the Chiefs 27-0 in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s wild-card matchup, Hoyer threw another inexplicable interception. And that’s when he almost certainly hit rock bottom.” -Reported by Ryan Wilson

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