Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers stomp the Redskins 35-18


The Washington Redskins played so well this season that a lot of people believed they had the “IT” factor. Well, Not everyone, especially, the Green Bay Packers. Packers were not going to allow the Redskins fairy tale adventure to continue any longer, and placed the Redskins back where they belong, at home watching the playoffs.

“The Packers ended up using no huddle on roughly 30 percent of their snaps. “He’s having fun and this is what playoff football is all about,” Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said. “…I mean, we’re in the tournament, he has a lot of experience in these games and it’s important for him to go out there and ignite us.” After the game, Rodgers was asked about the headlines that compared him to Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who went on a record-breaking tear to end the season as Rodgers struggled. He was asked particularly if it fueled him coming into this game — a fair question considering the way he internalizes most slights. “No,” Rodgers said. And then he smiled like all good Broadway stars smile, letting you know that he understands, that it was foolish to doubt him in the first place.” -Reported by Conor Orr

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