Promoting Dirk Koetter to HC retains the offensive point of convergence


Promoting Dirk to head coach shows that the owners and the GM have plenty of faith that Dirk Koetter is the man to carry on Jameis Winston’s development.

“Jameis Winston is the driving force behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ decision-making process.  This isn’t a bad thing. The NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and it’s evident the Buccaneers are building everything around Winston after his successful rookie campaign.  On Thursday, the Buccaneers made the move everyone expected them to make, and it’s the right one. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they will hire offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as the team’s 11th head coach. By retaining Koetter, the organization fully acknowledged this is Winston’s show. Even though Tampa features All-Pro performers like defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and linebacker Lavonte David, the Buccaneers haven’t been able to change their losing culture.” -Report by Brent Sobleski

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