Dirk Koetter could be The Next Bruce Arians?


Dirk Koetter could be the next guy, or he could be his own guy, but as comparisons go, this might just be a good one. Coach Koetter finds himself in a similar situation as head coach of a franchise that hasn’t put a lot of W’s in the win/loss column, in quite some time. Arians went 10-6 in 2013, and became the first Cardinals coach since Norm Barry, in 1925 to win at least nine games in his first season. If Dirk Koetter can pull that, in 2016, it will make Bucs Fans around the world, jump through the roof. I would, most definitely, be one of those fans. Koetter’s offensive schemes had turned our offense upside down, and we went from the bottom of the barrel to being in the top 5, in yardage. The 2016 season will be an exciting one for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as we face some very tough teams on our schedule. It will truly put Coach Koetter’s offensive expertise to the test.

“Arians trusted Keim and Licht to get him players in Arizona. All he wanted to do was coach ‘em when he got ‘em. Koetter feels the same way in Tampa Bay and wants Licht to continue to handle all of the personnel decisions as the team’s general manager.”-“We both came to an agreement that this is the way we both want it,” Licht said, “(Koetter) and I working together as a team.”-“Jason got his part in it, and I got my part in it,” Koetter said. “So do the other coaches. It’s a shared process throughout. Jason is good at what he does. I need to be good at what I do, and hopefully that works out.” – Reported by Scott Reynolds

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