Gronk says low hits are a part of football


Low hits and chop blocks, and things of that nature have been a part of football since it began. Some are avoidable, and some are dirty, but some are the only chance you have of bringing down a player who is sure on his feet.

“New England Patriots fans hold their breath every time a defender tackles Rob Gronkowski low.”-“It’s part of the game. I’ve been seeing it all year,” Gronkowski said of low hits, via the team’s official website. “I’ve been seeing it my whole career. I’ve just got to get low, get my shoulder down, protect the ball, just protect myself in any way when I see a lot of guys coming or when I know there’s not a chance to make that many yards, possibly just go down on that play, but if you can make a play then try and make a play, get more yards, but at the same time I’ve just got to watch it, get your pads down. It’s football, so you’ve got to be ready for contact at all times.”– Reported by Kevin Patra

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