Todd Monken wants a Buccaneers fight song


Todd Monken stated that he is excited to be here in Tampa, so excited in fact, he said, “He can’t see straight.” Todd Monken also said he wants a fight song. He believes a fight song will go a long way in pumping up the team, and the fans during games. Plus it’s fun. According to coach Monken, players should have fun, they should be excited about getting better and playing with people they care about, not just to be all about their salaries. The energy he will bring to the Buccaneers should electrify the team and hopefully becomes contagious, spreading to the fans as well.

It’s about having the talent first. And then, I like having fun,” Monken said. “I don’t know why it has to feel like such drudgery. I just don’t. I’ve never understood that. I want a fight song! We don’t have a fight song! I want a fight song! Isn’t a fight song cool? You get to sing a fight song. Call me a college guy. When I was in Jacksonville, they called me a college guy. That’s great. I love it. I love coaching, the excitement of it. Why can’t it be fun?” – Reported by Rick Stroud

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