Aqib Talib: Not the same person we knew in Tampa


Remember when Talib beat up Cory Boyd at the Rookie Symposium? Or how about when Talib beat up the cab driver outside of Nova in St.Pete? And then there were Gun charges in Dallas, where he allegedly fired at his sister’s boyfriend. The gun charges were initially dropped. Far different from the wild child, we knew here in Tampa. As fiercely talented as he was, his off field antics were beginning to be a little more than Tampa was willing to handle, and he was cut from team hours after the gun incident. But, from what Broncos teammates say, Aqib Talib is a team leader and plays the role of big brother to his peers on the secondary.

“Talib used to be big trouble, going back to his wild days with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he has matured into a team leader at the wise old age of 29. Still supremely talented, the Pro Bowl cornerback has become a cerebral player — a film-watching, note-taking homebody who approaches the game with a serious mind. He received a glowing endorsement from one of the all-time brainiacs, teammate Peyton Manning, who gushes about Talib’s football IQ and his ability to hold graduate-level conversations in the language of X’s and O’s. Manning called him ‘a great student of the game.'” – Reported by Rich Cimini

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