Bucs cautious of building through Free Agency


I completely understand the Buccaneers are not wanting to make most of their big moves through the free agency this year. Especially with all the money wasted in last years free agency. But, I do expect there to be a few surprises coming out of this years FA. The requirements needed to fill all of the holes in the defense cannot, necessarily be filled by the draft alone, and with unwanted circumstances that have recently come to light, the Buccaneers may need to lean on the FA more than they originally wanted.

“It already has been a shock-to-the-system offseason for the Bucs, who have a new head coach in their old offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter; an entirely new defensive staff; and general manager Jason Licht controlling the draft, free agency and the final 53-man roster. But the surprises might be just beginning, folks. The team that raised ticket prices by more than 20 percent and has the fifth-most salary-cap space in the NFL with $52.8 million won’t be players for the big-ticket talent in free agency again this year. Given the Bucs’ history, it’s probably not a bad idea.” – Reported by Rick Stroud

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