Buccaneers could have nearly $50 or more million dollars in cap space


$50 million dollars is plenty of money to fill holes in the team. Tampa Bay will have a smorgasbord of talent to choose from in the upcoming Free Agency, and with Jason Licht stating that the rebuild will come through the draft, I expect to see some surprising FA additions this offseason. Mario Williams would be a nice addition, but comes with a hefty price tag, a price tag we could easily pay, as with the ease of acquiring Matt Forte, and Eric Weddle.

“Free agency is approximately one month away.  The feeding frenzy will begin, and the teams with the most money spend the most.  The Buccaneers will have plenty of money to work with.”

“Coming off of a 6-10 season, the Buccaneers have their fair share of holes to fill.  Granted, Jason Licht has stated that he is going to build through the draft, but he will also supplement team growth through free agency.  Why not? It’s a way to improve your team quickly with proven players.  But, what do you need to take advantage of free agency?  Cap space. And the Bucs are rolling in it.” – Reported byAlan Schechter

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