What teams would Matt Forte be a better fit?



“The Bears opted not to negotiate with a very good veteran running back this offseason, and now teams will be lining up for the chance to speak with Matt Forte. Though the relationship did not end poorly after eight seasons, two Pro Bowls, 8,602 rushing yards, 4,116 receiving yards and 64 total touchdowns — Forte thanked the Bears in an Instagram post Friday and the Bears returned the favor — there is little doubt that Chicago won’t regret this to some degree. Scouts say that Forte still has some juice in the tank, and at 30 years old, there might be a team that gets very lucky this offseason. Which team might that be? Forte could be like many veterans hoping for a good look at the playoffs — he said in February that it’s not about the money, he just wants to be in Super Bowls. He might want to move his family back near his birthplace in Louisiana. As a finance whiz and brilliant motivational speaker, perhaps New York is the draw.” – Reported by Conor Orr

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