Could the Buccaneers make the playoffs because of Jameis Winston?


Could the Buccaneers make the playoffs because of Jameis Winston? 

Winston’s rookie season proved that he wasn’t just hype. Throwing for over 4,000 yards, becoming the third rookie in history to do so, showed that the talent coming from this young man is for real. He has the leadership skills, the brains, and the arm talent that made this rookie seem to play like a veteran. But, I think it will take a lot more than just Jameis Winston to make it to the playoffs. The Buccaneers had a shot last year at making the wildcard, but our defense wasn’t strong enough, and Jameis wasn’t experienced enough. The 2016 schedule will be the ultimate proving ground for this young Buccaneers team as we will face a few of 2015’s top teams. These teams include both Super Bowl contestants and the contestants of the NFC championship. 

“The Bucs sacked Lovie Smith and elevated Koetter from offensive coordinator because they loved his developmental work with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, and that relationship alone gives Tampa Bay reason to have legitimate playoff hopes next season. The Bucs were 6-6 and looking dangerous before running out of gas in December, but there are young playmakers on both sides of the ball in Tampa Bay.”– Don Banks, Sports Illustrated.

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