Vernon Hargreaves too small to play for the Buccaneers?


The Florida cornerback has been reported to say he would love to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and at 5’10, 204 lbs some have reported that his size could pose a problem and that it is less than appealing for a corner to be considered a top ten pick.

Florida v Miami

Remember Rhonde Barber? I know that you are going to say I’m out of my mind, comparing apples to oranges, but bare with me and try to remember how everyone used to say that Barber was too small and too slow. I bet, with current knowledge of Barbers career in hand, if the ’97 draft was to be re-done, Barber would not be there at 66th, heck if I were Tampa, he wouldn’t be there after the 12th pick.


Please keep in mind that I’m not saying if Hargreaves is picked by Tampa that he will have a career paralleling the Buccaneers great. I am only pointing out some similarities between the two, in hopes of making the point, that you cannot always judge a book by its cover. The “too smalls” have been proven time and time again to be a misjudgment, case in point: Former Gators running back, Emmit Smith.