Noah Spence: Risky business or a Steal in the draft?


Noah Spence addressed his college life, on Friday, stating that he learned from his mistakes and had to stay to himself and stay away from the party scene, showing that he is prepared to focus on football.

Spence’s college career spiraled out of control. In 2013, he went from All-Big Ten boasting 8 sacks, and 141 tackles for losses to failing urine screens, and being banned from school. But, Noah Spence seems to have his mind back in the game.


Former teammate Joey Bosa said,”He’s a great kid. Everyone makes mistakes. I made mistakes. It’s what you do with the second chance. As you see, he’s here, at the scouting combine, and he’s being looked at as a first-round draft pick. So I think he did a great job with his second chance.” Bosa will likely be a top 5 draft pick, in 2016.

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Tampa Bay is in desperate need of dominant edge rusher and both Bosa and Buckner should be gone before the ninth pick. I’d suspect that Spence would be a lock for Tampa’s first round selection. The talented defensive end’s past surely is a cause for concern, and the 50/50 chance that his partying lifestyle could come back to haunt him has to weigh heavily on the minds of anyone looking to draft him. But, in all fairness, he could have walked away from that lifestyle and be a steal with the 9th pick. 

Noah Spence has already taken steps in the right direction by staying away from the party scene and illicit substances. Spence said he has been routinely drug screened since his suspension and has been on the up and up. Sticking with family and fatherly advice seemed to bode well for the young man as he seemingly buckled down, and put his focus back on football. 


Unsure of where he will be selected in the draft, or if even at all he maintains his focus, and is happy to be in the position he is in now. He understands that teams will be concerned with his past mistakes, but remains hopeful. 

I do not believe that his past will carry over to the NFL and that he is a talented player who recognized the error of those ways, therefore selecting Spence should not be a risky venture.