Arian Foster free agent


When Arian Foster is healthy, he is an unstoppable force. Injuries to Foster has him in free agency, but if he could be a steal. If he can perform like he has in the past, any would be team would be blessed to have him.

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“Arian Foster was set to be paid $6.5 million from the Houston Texans before his release on Thursday. He will have a hard time finding a team that will pay him that much money in 2016, but there should still be plenty of interest. When we last saw Foster play significant snaps in 2014, he was undeniably one of the hardest-running players in the NFL. He topped 1,500 yards from scrimmage in only 13 games and is a rare complete back in a league short on them. Then again, his next team should realize that he would be better off used as a part-time player. Foster is 30 years old and has missed 23 of his last 40 games. A torn Achilles tendon is a very difficult injury for a running back to recover from at any age.”– Reported by Gregg Rosenthal

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