RGIII visits with the Browns.


Robert Griffin III visited the Cleveland Browns over the weekend. The Browns became the second team to host the former Redskins quarterback. Cleveland has shown an interested in solidifying their QB situation with another veteran. Colin Kaepernick’s name has also been tossed around with Cleveland. Newly appointed HC Hue Jackson visited with Jared Goff as a top QB prospect. Jackson also was present to meet with RG III. Early this month the New York Jets hosted a visit with Griffin as the uncertainty of Fitzpatrick still looms. Hue Jackson has an amazing reputation when it comes to quarterbacks, and could possibly turn around Griffin’s downhill spiraling. RGIII beat out Andrew Luck for Rookie of The Year, so there is a talent there for Jackson to work with. Griffin could land a spot on someone’s roster this season, as the 49ers, Broncos, and Jets are also in the hunt for quarterbacks.