Mario Williams says attitude will not be an issue in Miami


Mario Williams is now on the Miami Dolphins. He left behind a Buffalo Bills team that did nothing but complain about the veteran.

In Williams defense, he was not happy with the way the Bills used him on defense and felt he was held back. Williams believes that the Miami defense will be more to his liking and will allow him to showcase his skill, making him happy. Williams reassured the fans of Miami, that his attitude will not be an issue in 2016.

“The No. 1 thing that you can definitely look forward to from me is attitude. I think any year, no matter what happens previous, you can’t look at the future or anything like that, but you can handle right now. And my biggest thing, every day I wake up is going to be the best attitude I’ve ever had. And with attitude, everything is going to follow. I know for sure I’m going to be out there humming 100 miles per hour and it’s going to be full attitude.”

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