With the 9th pick in the draft Tampa Selects….


Defensive End Noah Spence, out of Eastern Kentucky.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking a close look at DE Noah Spence. Spence, who was exiled from Ohio State, finished his career at Eastern Kentucky. He was exiled from the Big Ten due to drug offenses however, Tampa is in need of a young talented defensive end and is taking a hard look at Spence, to gauge where he is at, in his life. Like anyone else, who is running a professional team, they are making sure that his drug ways are behind him. It’s not the first time Tampa has looked into a future draft prospect who came with baggage, as they did their due diligence with quarterback Jameis Winston, who carried with him some serious allegations.

No one should be surprised if Tampa decides to take the defensive end, with the ninth pick overall, as he is an instant impact end and the majority of scouts say, the best pure pass-rusher in this year’s draft. There are some scouts who are in the belief that he will fall to the second round of the draft because of his drug issues. However, Spence has mentioned that those days are behind him, and the Buccaneers are willing to let the past be the past, as they have proven this time and time, again. Therefore, there should be no reason he should not go to Tampa in the first round unless he is off the table already.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization may, in fact, be one of the best places for the young DE to mature and grow, because of the fierce competition of the NFC South and the structure of the Buccaneers organization, itself. Spence had the drug issue in college and has since learned from his mistake. He realized that it not only hurts himself, but it hurts his family, friends, and his chances at an NFL career, in which he should excel, where ever he goes.