Tampa went offensive line with their fifth round selection.


The Buccaneers add Caleb Benenoch to their list of offensive linemen. Taken in the fifth round of the draft, Benenoch is a model of consistency, he led all UCLA Bruins with 35 consecutive starts. He can play guard or he can play tackle. At 6-foot 5 and 305 lbs, is lean physique make shim look more like an NFL tight end, rather than your typical offensive linemen. Surprisingly, he is able to take on bull rushers with ease, given his lack of ideal girth, and possesses long arms, and capable strength allowing him to turn away defenders easily.

Given his physical appearance, he looks to be closer to 280 lbs than his listed 305lbs. In the last three seasons, Benenoch had helped in paving the way for Paul Perkins to rush for over 3,400 yards. Also, within those three seasons, he only allowed 14 sacks on the quarterback, which is the second-lowest total in UCLA history.